How it works

Starting November 15th 2021 your Ad will run every day (excluding Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Christmas) for 8 hrs. Your Ad will run until December 30th locked in for the one time price of 18,000.00 dollars. This offering is an 80k dollar value and only 18 positions are being offered. Once they’re full, they’re gone. Registration requires a deposit of 6,000.00 and the remaining balance due on or before September 30th 2021. Your campaign media must also be delivered on or before September 30th 2021. Additional campaigning route information can be found below, click the Register Now to submit your deposit and secure your campaign position.

Route Directions

The Ad route will vary from time to time. All routes will include all major interstates in each direction (W I10 – E 202L – N 202L – S I51 – W I10 – N I17 – W 101L – W I10 – N 303L – S SR60)

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Early Access Registration

This registration code entitles you to access for our exclusive Black Friday offer. Availability is limited. Register Today!

Early Access Black Friday Offer

80% Off of a 42 Day Campaign starting November 15th through December 30th 2021. Registration availability limited to the first 18 customers, last day to register is July 19th 2021. Don't let this deal get away!
$80,625.00 Value